Visit one of the oldest European settlements dating back 700,000 years, immerse yourself in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, and ski the snow-capped mountains of this least known region of Italy

Go for this: Explore the Roman ruins of Saepinum and Campobasso’s Castello Monforte
But try this: Visit Isernia and the nearby smaller towns of Pietrabbondante and Venafro, which are some of the oldest settlements in all of Europe
Favorite guest experience: Though technically part of Puglia, the Tremiti Islands, where political prisoners were once exiled, can be reached by ferry from Termoli. Join locals and enjoy weekends and summers swimming in clear waters with abandoned former prisons standing guard
Foods: Ceci con pancetta e pomodorini, scapece, magliatelle, bruschette
Wine: Agliano, Montepulciano
Best time to visit: April-September; winter for skiing